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Welcome to Dr. Zetrenne Plastic Surgery Body Boutique, where we prioritize your aesthetic goals and well-being. Our telehealth consultation process offers the utmost convenience, allowing you to consult with Dr. Z from home. Discover how Dr. Z can help you achieve the results you desire with comfort and professionalism.

Step 1:
Complete All Patient Forms

To ensure a smooth consultation, you must complete all patient forms in your portal at least 48 hours before your appointment. These forms provide important information about your medical history and help us understand your needs and concerns.

Step 2:
Initial Surgical Consultation

The initial surgical consultation with Dr. Z will take place through a telehealth appointment. This appointment typically lasts 30 to 45 minutes. During the consultation, a medical chaperone will be present to ensure your comfort and privacy. To ensure the best experience, please ensure you are in a well-lit private area for the appointment. You should also be able to easily disrobe, although you may leave your undergarments on if preferred.

Dr. Z will thoroughly review the procedure you are interested in and assess whether you are a suitable candidate. She will also show you procedure-related before and after pictures to better understand the potential results. Additionally, she will discuss the risks and benefits associated with the procedure. After your telehealth appointment, you will receive a surgical quote via the patient portal. This quote will outline the costs associated with the procedure and any additional information you may need.

Step 3: Review Surgical Quote and Payment

Take the time to review the surgical quote provided through the patient portal. The quote will include the total cost of the procedure and any financing options available. If you have questions or require further clarification, contact our office or message us through the portal. Payment can be made through the patient portal, ensuring a secure and streamlined process.

Step 4: Schedule Surgery

Once you have reviewed the surgical quote and made the necessary payment arrangements, our practice manager will contact you to discuss available surgery dates. Please have your calendar ready to ensure we can find a suitable date and time for your procedure. During this call, we will coordinate your preoperative and any necessary postoperative appointments.

Step 5:
In-Office Preoperative

Before your surgery, you will have an in-office preoperative appointment with Dr. Z and a nurse. This appointment is important to ensure your readiness for the procedure. During this visit, a physical examination will be conducted, and preoperative and postoperative instructions will be reviewed. Additionally, photographs will be taken to document your current condition for reference. You will also be asked to sign surgical consents indicating your understanding and agreement to undergo the procedure.

Step 6:
The Surgery Day

On the day of your surgery, please refer to the patient portal for specific instructions and details related to the surgery. Any postoperative appointments will be scheduled and communicated through the portal, ensuring a convenient and organized process for your continued care.

Initiate Your Telehealth Consultation

At Dr. Zetrenne Plastic Surgery Body Boutique, we strive to provide exceptional care and personalized attention throughout your surgical journey. Our telehealth consultation process allows for comprehensive assessment and thorough communication, ensuring a positive experience from start to finish. The telehealth consultation is the first step toward achieving your aesthetic goals with Dr. Z. Initiate your aesthetic journey today.

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