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Gynecomastia Excision

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Gynecomastia excision in Manhattan, performed by our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Z, is a procedure designed to treat enlarged male breasts. It is a solution for individuals who struggle with excess glandular tissue or fatty deposits in the chest, helping to restore a more masculine contour and boost self-confidence.

Eliminate Excess Male Breast Tissue

Gynecomastia surgery, or male breast reduction, is a surgical procedure to eliminate excess glandular tissue and fat from the male chest. It is commonly performed to treat gynecomastia, a condition characterized by the enlargement of male breasts. During the surgery, Dr. Z carefully removes the excess tissue to restore a flatter, more contoured chest, resulting in improved self-esteem and body image for the patient.

male model after Gynecomastia Excision Manhattan

Gynecomastia Surgery Corrects:

  • Enlarged male breasts
  • Excess glandular tissue
  • Fatty deposits in the chest
  • Imbalance between chest and body proportions
  • Psychological distress caused by gynecomastia

Your Gynecomastia Surgery Options

Liposuction-Only Technique

The liposuction-only technique for gynecomastia surgery is a minimally invasive option focusing on removing excess fatty tissue in the male chest. This procedure involves small incisions through which a thin cannula is inserted to suction out the unwanted fat deposits. Gynecomastia excision in Manhattan suits individuals with primarily fatty gynecomastia and minimal glandular tissue enlargement. The liposuction-only technique typically results in shorter recovery time and less scarring than more extensive surgical procedures.

Puncture Incision Technique

Dr. Z offers the puncture incision technique as one of the gynecomastia surgery options. This approach allows her to remove excess glandular tissue through a very small puncture, resulting in minimal scarring. The puncture incision technique is suitable for patients with moderate glandular tissue enlargement. It effectively reduces enlarged male breasts while minimizing visible scarring, allowing patients to enjoy a more sculpted chest.

Benefits of Gynecomastia Surgery:

  • Improved chest contour and appearance
  • Reduction or elimination of male breast enlargement
  • Enhanced self-confidence and body image
  • Ability to wear fitted clothing with confidence
  • Alleviation of psychological distress associated with gynecomastia
man after Gynecomastia Excision Manhattan

The Details Of Your Gynecomastia Surgery

Pre-Operative Guidelines:

  • Schedule a consultation with Dr. Z to discuss your goals and medical history.
  • Follow any instructions provided by Dr. Z regarding medication adjustments before surgery.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption for a specified period before the procedure.
  • Arrange for someone to drive you to and from the surgical facility on the day of the surgery.
  • Follow fasting guidelines, which may include refraining from eating or drinking before surgery.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing on the day of your gynecomastia excision in Manhattan.
  • Take any prescribed preoperative medications as directed by Dr. Z.
  • Notify Dr. Z of any changes in your health or if you develop any illness before the surgery.
  • Follow any additional specific pre-operative instructions provided by Dr. Z.

The Surgical Steps:

  • You will be given anesthesia to ensure a comfortable experience during the procedure.
  • Dr. Z will make incisions strategically, depending on the chosen surgical technique.
  • Excess glandular tissue, fat, and, if necessary, skin will be removed from your chest.
  • Liposuction may be performed to remove excess fat deposits and enhance the contours.
  • Dr. Z will sculpt and reshape the remaining tissue to create a more masculine chest.
  • The incisions will be closed using sutures or surgical tape, and dressings may be applied.
  • You will be monitored in a recovery area to ensure a smooth transition from the surgery.
  • Dr. Z will provide post-operative instructions for proper recovery and optimal results.
  • Follow-up appointments will be scheduled to assess your healing progress.
consult for excess skin removal surgery in Manhattan

Aftercare Guidelines:

  • Follow Dr. Z’s instructions regarding wound care, medication, and activity restrictions.
  • Take prescribed pain medication as directed to manage any discomfort.
  • Wear compression garments as advised to support healing and reduce swelling.
  • Avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting for the recommended recovery period for gynecomastia excision in Manhattan.
  • Keep the surgical incisions clean and dry as per Dr. Z’s instructions.
  • Attend follow-up appointments to monitor your healing progress and address any concerns.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise to optimize your results.
  • Contact Dr. Z if you experience severe pain, unusual symptoms, or complications.
  • Be patient with your recovery process, as it may take several weeks to see the final results.

Results: What Can I Expect?

After gynecomastia surgery, you can expect to see initial results immediately, although some swelling and bruising may obscure the final outcome. As the healing process progresses, the swelling subsides, and the full results become more apparent within a few weeks. The outcome of the surgery is intended to be long-lasting, provided you maintain a stable weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. While the effects of aging and natural body changes may occur over time, the reduction in enlarged male breasts achieved through surgery is typically permanent.

Contact Dr. Z

Dr. Z, an expert in cosmetic and reconstructive microsurgery with over 15 years of experience, welcomes you to her selective boutique practice. With a focus on providing concierge service, Dr. Z strives to deliver natural results that enhance your existing features. If you’re considering gynecomastia excision in Manhattan or have any questions, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Z. Take the first step toward achieving your desired chest contours.

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